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Rationale for Policies

At Monique's we are proud that our working practices are seen and described as best practice by our clients, those who work here, our local teacher training college, and those who visit.


Our policies and procedures document, in tandem with our staff handbook, enables staff to quickly familiarise themselves with the nursery's operation and supports them in consistently following best practice throughout their work.  This consistency has a significant effect on the atmosphere at the nursery and the maintenance of a settled environment in which children can make significant progress and consider themselves to be in a safe environment where uniformity is paramount.


In fulfilling the needs of staff regarding their working practices, the policies also have the benefit of improving safety and working conditions.  Each policy focuses attention onto a specific aspect of nursery life.  The annual review of policies through a staff group enables each policy to be assessed with respect to its accuracy, appropriateness, legality, ease of implementation, and health & safety and at all times recognising the measures that need to be taken to safeguard the children.


Clearly there is also a legal aspect to our policy documents.  They fulfil the need to demonstrate that we comply with all the relevant legislation. We follow the Statutory Framework and the EYFS is embedded in our Montessori approach to learning.


All policies must be reviewed once a year.  Results of the review will be incorporated into the policy through any necessary amendments which will take effect from the time of the review.

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