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How we assess a child's progress and development

All the activities engaged in at the nursery have been planned to cover certain areas of a child’s development within the foundation stage.  During the structured day the staff interact with all the children to encourage play activities that contribute to the planned learning outcomes for each individual.  Staff continually observe and work on a one-to-one basis each day and record the children's activities in their folder.  This information is used to assess each child’s developmental stage and sensitivity and to direct the child towards the next step in their learning.   This folder is given to the child when they leave the nursery as a record of their learning journey. 



Learning Journals

Every month, the staff at Monique's record each child’s individual learning using photographs and observations saved on the eyLog system.  We believe that parents know their children best and encourage you to contribute to this learning journal by sharing photographs, videos and stories of your children using eyLog. All observations help to create a more rounded understanding of your child and their development needs. 



Summative Assesments

An initial assessment of a child's development is carried out when they join the nursery and then a Summative check is given to parents three times a year We aim to give all our children the opportunity to succeed and reach the highest level of personal achievement. As well as these summative checks we make ongoing assessments of each child's progress within the Montessori curriculum and we use this information when planning and it enables us to take into account the abilities of all the children in the setting.



Two Year Check (Progress check for 2 year olds)

The Early Years Foundation Stage requires that we supply parents and carers with a short written summary of their child’s development in the three prime areas of learning and development – personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language – when a child is aged between 24 – 36 months. Your child’s key person is responsible for completing the check using information from ongoing observations. We encourage our parents to contribute and work together to complete this two year assessment.



Transition Report

It is a requirement for each key person to provide a Transition Report for each of their key children at the point of transition to a new pre-school or Primary school. This report needs to indicate the developmental level the child is currently working in across all EYFS areas of learning, reference to the characteristics of Effective Learning and any particular interests or needs of the child.  

When your child leaves our nursery you will be given a copy of this Transition Report and one will be sent to your new setting.



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