Useful Information

Clothing Labels

As the weather gets warmer, jumpers and cardigans will begin to be taken off and left on pegs. To try and reduce the chance of items of clothing going missing, please label your childs clothing. This includes hats, jumpers, t-shirts, vests, jackets, wellies, shoes etc. There is a company that can make labels for you, or you can go old school and use a marker pen on the laundry labels. Either way, it is a very good idea for everything to be labelled, if possible. Thanks!!

Winter Preparation

The weather has become increasingly unpredictable which means it is really important for your child to have appropriate clothing at nursery. They will need clothing to cover freezing icy temperatures, snow and sleet, rain and hale. Please ensure you send your child to nursery with warm enough clothing/layers and spares. Thank you.

Celebrations throughout the year

Chinese New Year

Christmas Performance

Leavers Ceremony

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School Aged Leavers Trip

Family Day Barbecue