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Family Support

At Monique's, we do everything we can to provide effective and informed support for our parents, whether about pregnancy, feeding and weaning, potty training, activities to do at home or about possible special educational needs a child may require. However, we are mindful that sometimes parents may want to speak to a third party, perhaps anonymously, to find out further information about concerns, worries or sensitive issues they may have.  Whilst we are always there to offer help to any parent who asks for it, we understand that is not always possible. 

Therefore we would like to signpost you towards free local, county and national services available in case any of these may be useful:

  1. Specialist Teaching and Learning Service - provides a service for children and young people (0 - 19 years) with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). 

  2. Children's Centres  - services offered include baby groups, stay and plays, parenting programmes, baby massage, adult education courses etc.

  3. Early Help and Preventative Services - supporting all children, young people and families in Kent. Examples of reasons for use of support offered by these services include "All we seem to do is argue", "I'm worried about money, what can I do?", "I'm struggling to cope - what should I do?", "I'm sometimes scared of my partner". Guidance and support can be offered to anyone who seeks it.

  4. NSPCC - aside from providing lots of very important and useful safeguarding information, they also offer support and ideas for different stages of your childs' development such as "How to cope with Tantrums" or "Separation and Divorce" as well as "Mental Health and Parenting". You can find leaflets with information by the parents entrance.

  5. Online Safety - following COVID, children are using technology with internet access more than ever and it is our duty to ensure that children are exploring the internet safely, minimising their exposure to inappropriate content. For advice on how to approach the subject with your child, to tips and tricks  when setting up parental controls, you can find information on the NSPCC website here, in the Digital Parenting magazine (copies available by the parents entrance) or on the Vodafone website here, where you can find age appropriate safe usage stories such as "Chicken Clicking", "Old MacDonald Had a Phone" and "Troll Stinks".

    Spring House Children's Centre - Sevenoaks

    Early Help are able to offer Universal Support to all families. This includes baby and toddler classes, summer fun days, music groups and many more activities throughout the year. Here are some of the scheduled events for the Summer period. 



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 Summer Calendar 

Family Fun Days 2022     

Baby Groups

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