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Extra Curricular Activities

We are very fortunate to have our own premises in a beautiful location. Our experienced staff are able to give the children further experiential learning with cookery, science and relaxation and also organising walks and a Leavers' outing.  We also specially invite people to come to talk to the children in relation to specific projects such as a dentist, a vet and a policeman for our People's Jobs project.  


We try to take the children to local places of interest relating to our projects. We have visited Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve, the Fire Station and our local fishmonger, made doughnuts at Tesco and take trips to the library to change our classroom books. 

Outings from the nursery serve a number of very positive purposes for the children which include :

• Enhancing the child's understanding of the world,

• Offering access to a broader range experiences and facilities than available at the nursery

• Adding excitement to the daily routine 

• Offering opportunities for practising social skills and safe road awareness skills

• Giving the child opportunities for increased confidence through responsibility and supported independence


The children have the opportunity to do cooking as part of a weekly activity as well as being part of our celebrations.  This might include preparing vegetables for the stir fry noodles for Chinese New Year or making scones to celebrate St George's Day tea party. As part of the Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations we had a Royal Tea Party.  Working in pairs or own their own the children are able to follow picture recipe books with minimal interference from the teachers. Their favourite recipe is fairy cakes.

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It was observed that the children have a fascination with science and wanted to encourage their natural inclination to discover for themselves.  After they have been shown how to do the experiments the children are free to choose to do certain activities for themselves. These include finding out about magnets and which items are magnetic, conductivity using a battery circuit and sinking and floating. There are also class experiments such as finding out about the importance of light to seedlings. Favourite experiments are inflating a balloon using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and the erupting volcano.



The benefit of relaxation techniques for young children is gaining widespread recognition and contribute to the holistic well being of the child. 

The relaxation session includes simple poses that focus on balance.   As preschoolers practice skills with their arms, legs, and whole body (gross motor movements) along with fingers, toes and facial muscles (fine motor movements), they learn how their bodies move and gain confidence, balance and coordination.  As a group the children are shown how to breathe and relax.  Stillness leads to the ability to listen with focus and attention. 




We like to take advantage of our wonderful location in Chipstead whenever we can. As well as being able to play on the local green, we also walk to the woodland and park beside Riverhead School and visit Chipstead lake and sail boats down the river.  


Leavers' Outing


Each year the children that will be leaving the nursery to start at Primary school are invited on a special trip to Groombridge Place. This is a highly anticipated event which the children really enjoy. As well fun in the maze, the amazing birds of prey which Eddie shows us and a whole variety of wonderful things we see on our walk, we also have a picnic and a boat ride down the river.

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