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"A big thank you for all your love and care for J! She has grown so much under your care! She will always miss you!"

"Thank you so so much for everything you have all done for L over the years. We are so greatful and feel very lucky that L has been at Monique's, the best nursery in the world! All the staff are amazing and so friendly, you really are wonderful"

"I just wanted to send a personal thank you for all that you have done for F since he was 7 months old!
He has loved everyday being with you all and he has learnt so much, i know he wouldn't be where he is today without all your support. You all do an amazing job and we are so grateful for all that you do! we will miss you all"

"Thank you so much for looking after our babies so well for the last 5 years!! We've loved Monique's and so have H and I. We will miss your friendly faces"


"Thank you so much for all your care, love and attention with our little ones"
The Leavers 2021

Thank you for everything that you have done for 'E' over the past few years. She has definitely grown in confidence and is Miss Independent!

She will definitely miss the nursery now she starts school, but will have to pop in and say hi.


I have given up trying to find the right words to thank you all for everything you have done for 'T'- and for us as a family. 'T' has been so happy and secure in the 'second home' you create for her and other children there. We will all miss you very much.


Thank you so much for all you have done for the children throughout this difficult year. You have all been wonderful! 'L' loves being at Monique's and we couldn't be happier with the care and love she receives.                                          2020

I wanted to say a big thank you to you all for taking such great care of 'S' since she was 5 months old.

You have done an amazing job of helping raise a bright, sassy, independent little girl. She will miss you all so so much. Thank you.                                              


Thank you so much for everything this year- for your regular excellent communication, your constant care and love towards the children, your flexibility over the summer, your consistent compassion for all of us during this crazy unprecedented year. There is nowhere else we would have wanted the girls to be. 

"I just wanted to thank you all so much for letting 'F' be apart of the Monique's family. 'F' has thrived so much since being with you and especially since the latter half of last year.  His love of the Arts/music/dancing with Marlene has been special to say the least"

"He is going to miss everyone terribly although our saving grace and tears is that at least we still have 'M' with you"

"Thank you so so much for everything and I know that with all your hard work 'F' will do well settling into school. His form teacher has already said lovely things about his handwriting which is down to you so thank you!"

"I know 'F' can be a pickle and his ears can wonder away from him so thank you also for your patience"

"All of the staff are such a credit to the setting. They are truly super and I will miss seeing the downstairs key workers when I drop 'F' off and seeing their smiley faces at the door"


"The nursery is like a family setting whilst maintaining the professionalism."

"We cherish the care given to 'R' at the nursery."

"I remember asking whether Monique's nursery teaches letters for I understand why the staff chuckled at this question. 'R' has been prepared not only for school but for life and we're confident she will transition quickly and smoothly into school."

"We have been really happy with the care, input and attention our 2 children have received from Monique's over the past 4 1/2 years. We will really miss you!"


"I genuinely LOVE the staff at Monique's and how they have cared for my most important asset - my children. Nothing is too much trouble from care to education!"

"She is definitely ready for school - she has started trying to read, is confident with basic maths and is full of curiosity about the world."

"Excellent independence skills taught from a young age. Exceeded my expectations."


"Access to the science equipment and the kitchen area has been much appreciated, and rare in a childcare setting I think."
"Exceptional learning opportunities for independence, and parents are prompted to do the same at home."
"We have been very impressed with the standard of care 'S' has received. We love the 'family feel' the nursery creates. We think the team you have are amazing and we thank you very much!"

"Staff go above and beyond to ensure children are reassured at drop off time - always the hardest part of the experience but made so much easier through the support given by the staff."

"Great to have an outdoor space with undercover areas so the children can go out in all weathers!"

"Such a diverse range of topics covered. Seeing what 'J' can do at nursery has educated me to give him more scope than I thought a 4 year old was able to use"

"Monique's feels like a family home."


"Although 'F' is naturally quiet, the nursery has helped him develop a strong sense of independence and confidence, which we feel has enabled him to be really well prepared for Reception.

The staff (all of them!) make every effort to make both children and parents feel included in nursery activities"                                                                                                         2011     


"Monique's is wonderful - we feel it was a fabulous investment in our children."


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