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Throughout the year the children will cover a variety of topics through our projects. Here is just a sample of the themes we cover in our projects:


People's Jobs


Native Americans

Insects and Minibeasts

The Sea





Where possible, we always like parents to be involved by coming in to tell the children about their job, or bringing in food samples that are native to their home country (with any food allergies taken into consideration).



Learning Journals


We really encourage parents to take an active role in their child's learning journals. They can be a beautiful way of preserving the way in which a child has developed, and as the children get older and more able to understand their learning journals, they will look back at the pictures and drawing they did with finess. Parents are asked to contribute photos from family holidays or weekend trips or fun times they've had at home, or perhaps a memorable story about their child.




Our setting is fully inclusive and diverse, and therefore we celebrate a great number of festivals from a number of different belief systems. We have found that the children become interested in other cultures and ways of life through these celebrations such as Diwali, Chinese New Year and St. Patricks' Day. We invite parents from different cultural backgrounds to come and share their stories with the children. 



Following the catastrophic earthquakes in Nepal last year, Monique’s Montessori Day Nursery came together with their parents to help repair some of the devastation caused including the destruction of a primary school.  The earthquake hit the nursery especially hard because Mamta Bajracharya, one of Monique’s staff originally from Nepal, was travelling  to visit relatives on the day it occurred.

On her return, Mamta described what she saw as “complete devastation”. Her family home had been destroyed, along with many other homes in Katmandu. Mamta took some photographs to show to the staff, children and parents and they all decided to help rebuild Mamta’s community in some way.  Fundraising opportunities such as children being sponsored to use scientific vocabulary learnt in their science lessons, cake sales (which the children baked during cookery) and fancy dress days.  Parents formed a babysitting circle, one parent charged clients to use a vibrating chair.  Parents whose children have moved on to primary school got involved, one of whom raised over £2000 running the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon.

So far our fundraising has reached £5,300, with all of it being used to rebuild the primary school catering for the 137 children now attending the school. The appeal fund has bought all the building materials and school equipment, whilst the parents of the children from the outlying villages volunteered to rebuild the school alongside paid skilled workers, as did the student doctors and nurses from the local Rotary Club, together with local people simply desperate to get their community back to normal. The progress has been real and immense as you can see from the photo’s, but there is still more work to be done.

We continue to raise funds for the next project in Nepal, which is to build appropriate sanitation facilities for the school.  Currently the toilets are a hole in the ground which as you can appreciate, is not ideal for use by 72 girls and 65 boys in a primary school as well as the staff.

Anyone wanting to contribute to the collection can do so by contacting us on either 01732 452931 or We are not a registered charity, but all the money is going directly back to this project in Nepal. 

For photographs of the developments made so far, please                             for the gallery.

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