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Up to the age of 2, messy and textural play is so important for the development of concentration, the senses, explorative urges, discovery, language, dexterity and many, many more. Here are some messy play ideas to try:

  •  Shaving Foam

  • Bread Dough - rather than play dough (which is not often edible) why not spare a couple of slices of bread, add a touch of water, mush it all up and hey've got yourself a quick and easy, safe dough texture for your little one to squelch and squeeze between their fingers that doubles as a snack! Win - Win!

  • Scribble Box - got a spare cardboard box laying around? Possibly a large one you can put your little one insode? Leave the lid open, put your little one in and give them a crayon / pencil / pen (probably avoid permanent markers) and let them go wild. 

  • Paint Box - the same as above just with paints!

  • Water painting - really simple and definitely for outside, but give your child a bowl of water, a paintbrush and a sponge and let them "paint the house" or "paint the patio"


  • Cardboard tube run - use any old tubes (large anoue for things to be dropped down them) and tape them to a wall surface. This could be inside or outside. Tape them at different angles and different heights, then let the children drop various different items down and they could try to catch it before it falls on the floor. You could have some things that roll, and some things that don't to see the difference.


FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS Facebook Page: on this page you'll find lots of fun activities and challenges and games to do both with your children, and for your children. This is the link to their page: 

Stacking .jpg
Stacking 1.jpg
Stacking 2.jpg
Necklace 1.jpg

A simple activity is stacking. Why not paint the tube from a finished toilet roll or kitchen roll, cut it up into small discs and then get your little one to put them on to the kitchen roll holder, or whatever pole-like thing you can find. You could use just 3 colours (preferably red, yellow and blue - the primary colours) and help them learn the colours at the same time e.g. shall we put the red ones on? Which one is red? Can you find all the red ones?

Once they've finished with that activity, why not have a piece of string ready and turn the coloured discs into a beautiful necklace!

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